If you’ve been looking into the possibility of having liposuction done, there’s a good chance that you’ve come across the term Vaser. Prior to committing to your decision to have liposuction, it’s important to understand that while Vaser is a form of liposuction, it’s not the same procedure as traditional liposuction. As you’ll learn in detail throughout the following sections, Vaser is actually an improvement to the traditional way of doing liposuction. Since Vaser offers multiple benefits over the older approach to this procedure, it’s definitely worth your time to have a consultation with a doctor who specializes in Vaser liposuction.

What Makes Vaser Liposuction Different?

nu-vaserlipologoIn order to understand why Vaser is an improvement, it’s helpful to know exactly how traditional liposuction works. This medical procedure is done by literally sucking fat out of the body. Because fat is located beneath the skin, a tool has to be used to poke into the skin and then suck out fat. That tool is known as a cannula.

A common misconnection about traditional liposuction is once the skin is punctured, fat can easily be sucked out. In reality, because fat is attached to the surrounding tissue, the cannula has to be moved back and forth in a scrubbing motion. Since the sharp instrument has to poke all the tissue surrounding fat in order to suck out the desired excess, the aftermath of a traditional liposuction procedure is a lot of pain and bruising.

Because the majority of pain and bruising results from the fact that tissue and fat has to be physically broken up by the cannula’s motion, Vaser was created and implemented across the globe in order to streamline this process. The big benefit of Vaser is that prior to using the cannula, a very narrow ultrasound instrument is inserted. This specialized instrument uses ultrasound technology to separate fat from the surrounding tissue and then liquify the fat cells.

vaserlipovslipoWhat Vaser does is make the common misconception about regular liposuction a reality. With Vaser, once the cannula is inserted, it literally does starting sucking out all the unwanted fat without the need to break up the fat through sheer physical force.

Enjoy Less Pain and a Faster Recovery By Choosing Vaser

Regardless of the specific area of your body you’re thinking about for liposuction, if you want to minimize your discomfort and how long it takes you to recover, Vaser liposuction is the way to go. To get even more information about this procedure and have your suitability for the procedure professionally evaluated, you can easily book a consultation with a specialist who performs this type of procedure on a regular basis.