Thank You, I’m so happy with my bew body shape, and it’s all thanks to Nu

Often financing becomes a cause of concern for those who wish to opt for body sculpting procedures but at the same time do not have the resources to avail the same. At NuBodySculpting, we understand that the cost of the procedure plays a crucial role behind such a decision and therefore we strive to offer affordable financing options. We along with our partner provider First Medical Loans go all out to ensure that you can achieve that perfect look without having to worry about the financials. In order to know more about the same, you can apply for the Finance online by clicking here .

Though the cost of financing may vary depending upon the institution that you have chosen, at NuBodySculpting, we can assure you that there are no hidden costs involved. We do not engage in reducing prices of procedures in order to attract bookings and then factor in the additional hidden costs. Each of the procedures that we offer is customized to suit the requirements of our individual patients, which are clearly outlined when they come to us. The costs involving the procedure are also discussed right away.

The initial consultation does not come at a hefty price. It does not require the patient to commit to the procedure and is also not included in the overall payment package.  The free initial consultations mean that our patients can easily compare and find out whether they are getting a deal of their choice, one that is suitable for their pocket.

They can choose the provider and the surgeon only after knowing every bit about the deal and also with the confidence that they placing their trust in the right pair of hands.  At NuBodySculpting, we wholeheartedly believe and encourage our patients to make informed choices without being pressured by any financial inducements.

At NuBodySculpting, quality of services and care and transparency are the cornerstones of our establishment. We believe that our patients deserve the very best of services and that too without stretching their financial options. You can contact us in order to get a detailed overview of the affordable financing options available for our patients.

We believe that you have every right to look beautiful and we can help you achieve this end without having to worry about whether you can afford it or not. We are extremely transparent in our dealings and will ensure that your money’s worth.