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Your dream of getting a perfect body now can come true with third-generation liposuction procedure that is also called hi-definition Vaser treatment that is mainly used in body sculpting. There are subtle differences between traditional liposuction procedures and hi-definition Vaser. The latter is called body sculpting.

Body sculpting is usually performed in problem areas to help patients get toned and perfect shape. It is the most advanced form of body contouring where both superficial and deep fat (fat that is normally resistant to exercises) is treated through this procedure. NuBodySculpting is one of the few certified clinics to offer hi-definition liposuction solution in more than thirteen locations across UK.

NuBodySculpting was founded by a group of modern age plastic surgeons determined to offer state-of-art cosmetic surgery solutions to patients. We perform a long list of beautification surgeries comprising breast implant, nipple correction, breast implant removal surgeries along with liposuction and body sculpting.

NuBodySculpting has been one of the premier cosmetic surgery solutions providers in the UK for more than a decade. Over these years we have treated more than 2,000 patients. All our clinics are situated at modern set-ups with the latest equipment and a team of talent, young professionals so that only the best solutions are delivered.

It has remained a continuous endeavour to remain a leader in the arena of aesthetic surgeries and solutions; NuBodySculpting is therefore markedly different from the rest.


Leading The Way

NuBodySculpting has always remained a leader in introducing the latest and the most modern treatment. It is therefore we have obtained Vaser certification in offering hi-def body sculpting solutions to clients. We are one of the few in the UK to offer complete hi-def solution with efficiency.

The total experience of our team spans more than twenty-five years and diversified. Moreover, NuBodySculpting meets all compliance rules and regulation laid out by local authorities in performing these surgeries and therefore you can be assured of receiving the best treatment.

Ground Breaking Treatment

NuBodySculpting has always been most advanced in offering latest treatments to patients. We have partnered with Vaser to offer hi-definition liposuction treatment. Vaser or assisted liposuction treatment is regarded non-surgical procedure where ultrasound waves are used to melt and vacuum fat from body. As a result, the patient feels less pain and shorter recovery period. We offer extensive after surgical care for lifetime.

Our list of aesthetic procedure covers the following.

  • Breasts
  • Facial
  • Body
  • Genital Surgery
  • Hair Transplant

Five Steps Approach

We follow a five step approach that is both comprehensive and conclusive.

  • Free consultation
  • Free consultation with surgeon
  • Pre-Operative Screening with a Nurse
  • Surgery
  • Aftercare

Easy Financing Options

NuBodySculpting is transparent and upfront with expenses. Once committed, there is no hidden cost of the surgery. Further, to make it easier for our clients we offer easy financing solutions with flexible payment schemes. We have got different categories of financing solutions so that a treatment doesn’t become a financial burden for you.

Cosmetic surgeries were expensive – often a privilege of the rich. But NuBodySculpting has brought it within the reach of mass. A perfect body is no longer a dream. With specialised techniques and proficient team, and state-of-art set-up, NuBodySculpting is your destination for new you.

Over the years we have continuously strived to deliver the best solutions to clients. Our customers comprise both new and returning one. We offer thorough counselling to patients regarding what to expect from a surgery. It helps us achieve 100% client satisfaction. No tall talks but you’ll be delivered ground truth so that you’ll not be deceived.

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