• The surgery is performed under sedation. And so, patients don’t suffer from the consequences of general anaesthesia as is the case with traditional liposuction treatment.
  • Patients experience less pain, less swollenness and faster recovery.
  • Gentler suction equipment is used during the process so that patients experience little side-effects.
  • It provides almost immediate and better results compared to conventional procedures.

In traditional method powerful vacuum, which is attached to cannula, is used in extracting fat out of patient’s body. In body sculpting ultrasound waves are used to break up stubborn fat cells to remove it through vacuum. Body sculpting is the latest liposuction method that works on both superficial and deep fat cells that don’t budge even during rigorous physical regime.

Yes, body sculpting can be applied on more than one problem areas at a time. After initial consultation, the doctor will advise you on how to proceed with the treatment. As a policy, we strictly adhere to the guidelines laid down by the authority for performing such treatment and we always put your safety before everything else. During consultancy sessions, you will be enlightened on what to expect from the procedure. Some patients, depending on what areas they want to treat, may need more than one procedure.

Body sculpting is the most advanced form of liposuction treatment and causes little side effects. The procedure is performed under local sedation and therefore, patients do not experience the general consequences of general anaesthesia. Patients normally can get back to their home within 24 hours of surgery. However, it might take two to three days before they can resume their regular activities. The swelling may continue for six months, after that the skin would start reshaping. The results of the procedure however may become visible after three weeks.

We would advise you to take days off from work to accelerate the healing process though patients can go back to their home within 24 hours of the surgery. Most patients can return to their normal lifestyle within 3 days. But you are requested to discuss with your doctor before deciding to join your job or gym. Normally, the more areas treated longer is the time required for recovery. Patients can also perform light workout but high impact exercises are better avoided.

Body sculpting is an improved method to remove excess fat cells from body. As a matter of fact there is no known risk involved in the process. There can be general side effects like fluid leakage from incisions, pain, swelling etc. but these side effects tend to subside in few weeks. Patients on the other hand experience better body contour and the skin may continue to tighten for up to six months.

NuBodySculpting is one of the most coveted cosmetic surgery solution providers, we are one of the few certified Vaser Hi-def body sculpting treatment providers in UK. NuBodySculpting has clinics in thirteen locations with a long list of happy clients of more than 2,000. Treatments are provided with best infrastructural facilities under supervision of the most advanced team of plastic surgeons. Moreover, we strictly adhere to the rules and compliances required to meet for providing such treatments.

The cost of the procedure depends on several factors, few being – areas treated, location, infrastructural set-up etc. The average cost of the procedure is likely to range between certain amounts. However, the cost is likely to go up is more areas are treated at a time.

We are present in thirteen locations in the UK. Please check out the list of our clinics at: Clinics

NuBodySculpting understands financial concerns associated with such treatment. Your insurance company is not likely to cover the cost of such procedure and therefore, we offer flexible financing solutions that will make the cost of the surgery pocket friendly for you.