Liposuction Prices

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NuBodySculpting is a certified Vaser hi-def liposuction services provider with thirteen clinics spread all over UK. Looking good is now just within your reach and at a cost that will fit into your budget just perfectly.

Vase hi-def is known as third-generation liposuction surgery that happens to offer better results almost immediately compared to traditional liposuction method. Moreover, it is also a non-surgical method and patients experience little to no downtime.

Vaser liposuction is a remedy for anyone and is applied on areas of body where stubborn fats accumulate. It helps you get perfect features and sculpted body. However, the cost of the treatment remains a concern for most. Vaser hi-definition treatment is not cheap but the results are too good to avoid. The average cost of the treatment may vary between £2,600 and £3,000. However, it varies largely depending on nature of treatment, facilities provided, clinic, etc. To lessen the pocket pinch we offer flexible payment and financing options to clients. In collaboration with First medical Loan, NuBodySculpting offers various flexible financing choices that will help you pick a plan according to your budget.

All charges will be discussed upfront once you commit for the treatment. Once discussed, there is no hidden cost and everything will be put above the table.

Each client in NuBodySculpting is given a thorough counselling before and during the treatment to help them form a clear idea of what to expect from the surgery. This has helped us achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

NuBodySculpting further meets all regulation compliances by local authorities for performing various aesthetic surgeries. It is therefore your trusted destination for all types of beautification and cosmetic surgery treatments.

Vaser LipsosuctionPrice
Vaser Liposuction consultationFREE / Normally £150Daycase
Vaser Liposuction One areaOffer £1,800 / £1990Daycase
Vaser Liposuction Two areasOffer £2,990 / £4000Daycase
Additional areasOffer £750 additional Areas / Normally £1000Daycase
One area under GAOffer £3,200 / £3900Overnight
Two areas under GAOffer £4,400 / £5300Overnight
Additional areas+ £1200 Additional AreasOvernight
Compression GarmentsFrom £90
Vaser Hi DefOn Consultation Price Match Gurantee
Breast Augmentation/Enlargement FromOffer £3,500 / £4800Daycase
Breast Lift From£5,400Overnight
Breast Reduction From£6,400Overnight
Upper Eye BagOffer £1500/ £2,500Daycase
Lower Eye Bag£2,900Overnight
Upper & Lower Eye Bag£3,500Overnight
Face Lift / Neck LiftFrom £7,500Overnight
Nose surgeryfrom £3,500Overnight
Liposuction (Traditional)Price
Liposuctionfrom £2,900Overnight
Tummy tuckPrice
Tummy tuck from£6,900Overnight
Ear correctionPrice
Ear correction from£2,800Daycase
Mole removalPrice
Mole removal from£350/£500