Vaser Liposuction

´I love my new curves. I love it because I look good in all kind of clothes!´

Marie Jenkins works for Nu Cosmetic clinic in the Liverpool branch. She recently underwent Vaser lipo-sculpture. ´As I was getting older, I had more trouble dieting. I found it hard to take weight off where I wanted to, such as the abdomen areas.´

Marie was used to dealing with our many patients who came through the doors, on a daily basis. She was able to immediately relate to the consultation / treatment / final review process the patients go through and could gauge the delight and genuine change it had made to their life.

´I booked in for a consultation and even though I worked for Nu Cosmetic, it was still formal, professional and thorough. ´The surgeon asked me questions about my lifestyle and my expectations. Also, my stomach fat was just under the skin which meant that it could be removed easily with the surgery.´

The procedure left Marie feeling more confident and contoured. She was happy to have the excess weight removed from the stubborn abdominal areas (where it was most needed) instead of general weight loss affecting other parts of her body and face. The minor operation was carried out by local anaesthetic, meaning Marie could return to work after 24 hours. She encountered a slight aching several days after, but it was not necessary to take paracetamol to relieve this.

´I was encouraged to have lymphatic drain massage. I had areas which were a little lumpy / hard. The massage would make these better and eventually remove them, which it did 6-8 weeks later.´ Marie also had to wear the elastic girdle support for a week to help contour her body after the procedure.

Now the areas of stubborn fat have all been removed, she feels more confident and outgoing. ‘Both myself and my friend had the Vaser lipo-sculpture. I can honestly say that it´s given me the extra step I needed. When my friends give me compliments about looking good. I believe it. I like what I see and so does my husband! ´

Watch Marie’s Testimonial Here.