What is a Vaser surgery?

Vaser surgery is a type of liposuction which is also called “Liposelection”. Vaser liposuction is one of the newest types of liposuction which uses alternate technologies and techniques to perform these kinds of operations. Like a typical lipo, the Vaser ultrasonic lipo is also a process during which fat deposits are removed from underneath the skin in order to improve the look of a certain body part.

So, if you are having struggles with your weight and you haven’t been able to accomplish the desired results with diet and exercise, then having Vaser liposuction may be the right way to go. A Vaser surgery uses modern technology which is precise, almost non-invasive and can provide quality results in just one procedure. There are many benefits Vaser has compared to traditional lipo techniques. Many people are choosing Vaser, rather than traditional lipo and if you want to know what these benefits are and learn more about this procedure, then continue reading further.

What is VASER technology and how it works?

vaser liposuction MachineVaser LipoSelection technology was approved by the FDA in 2001. LipoSelection is a different form of liposuction technology which uses ultrasonic energy which is controlled with precision in order to enable the surgeon to effectively remove fat while performing weight managing surgery. Ultrasonic technology was used for liposuction back in the 90s, but it was pushed out by plastic surgeons due to the heavy risks this technology used to have.

Vaser is a new, third generation ultrasound technology device which is designed in such a fashion so that it removes all of the problems the previous devices had. The main problems this technology had are the high levels of ultrasound which could cause burns. However, all of this is now changed as Vaser emits a very low level of ultrasound energy.

The ultrasonic energy is emitted very gently in order to precisely break fat cells while at the same time causing almost non-existent damage to the surrounding tissue. All of the ultrasonic energy emitted is transformed into vibrations which are transferred via probes to fat cells. The cells are shaken and dissolved.

Vaser liposuction benefits

Vaser liposuction is an advanced technique for performing liposuction and it uses methods that reduce the level of pain a patient is experiencing, while increasing precision. This technology uses ultrasound technology which emulsifies fat before it has been removed. The fact that the fat is turned into liquid makes it much easier to remove it without any risks of damaging the tissue around the operating area.

Not only will patients experience less swelling and bruising caused by the surgery, but they will also feel significantly less pain compared to traditional liposuction methods. The reason for this is because Vaser liposuction doesn’t disturb blood vessels, sensitive nerves or connective tissues which are located underneath your skin. Since there is barely any damage caused to the patient’s body, the whole process of LipoSelection is much more pain-free, compared to traditional lipo, and the post op recovery is much shorter and easier.

Easier access to hard-reachable areas

vaser lipo for toned bodyThe level of safety and precision which LipoSlection can provide will allow any physician to shape and sculpt any delicate area of the patient’s body, no matter if we are talking about chins, thighs, necks, or inner thighs. The Vaser liposuction method can treat some tricky areas which all of the traditional liposuction methods can’t, because of its high precision and ability to focus on a small area.

With traditional lipo methods, patients need to receive anesthesia for a treatment of certain areas – this is not the case with LipoSelection. Vaser liposuction doesn’t require the use of general anesthetics and this applies for sensitive areas also. This means that the costs of the procedure is much lower since anesthesia is quite expensive.

If you are thinking about having Vaser liposuction, make sure that you consult with your plastic surgeon even further. Your plastic surgeon will explain the whole procedure and guide you through the whole process while making sure that you feel safe and secure. In general, there are much fewer risks when having Vaser lipo rather than the traditional one. For more details on vaser liposuction, please visit:  https://nubodysculpting.co.uk/ vaser-liposuction/