Fat Transfer

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Why Fat Transfer?

Some women don’t like the idea of implanting a foreign element in their body. And so, there has been a search for alternative treatment against popular hospital breast transplant surgeries. Transferring body fat is a relatively newly found technique which is now being widely used in breast reconstruction after cancer.

Silicon implant which has so far being the most popular alternative to increase size of women assets may have some serious concerns in the long run such as – capsular formation, migration and rippling, which has led many to avoid that route. Further, these implants may look and feel too artificial causing women to undergo further procedure to remove those. Fat transfer,on the other hand, is a natural way of increasing breast size. However, it has certain limitations and therefore, one must make an informed choice.

If you are looking to increase size of your breasts significantly, then you must know that fat transfer restrict increasing size by only one cup size. Candidates with larger breasts, hanging breasts or with a family history of breast cancer aren’t generally regarded for this treatment. Since it’s a natural process it has certain advantages and side-by-side, disadvantages which we have listed below for your convenience.

On The Plus Side

  • It is safer than traditional implant procedures, i.e. silicon implant
  • It serves dual purpose, i.e. body fat is removed from unwanted parts of body and transferred to breasts
  • It looks more natural as patient’s own tissue is used
  • No issues with scaring; tiny scars, barely visible
  • Local anaesthesia is used and hence, safer
  • The technique has evolved over the years and now the most sophisticated technique is used

On The Flip Side

  • There can be occasions when patient doesn’t have enough fat to transfer
  • It is more expensive than the other forms of surgery and might not be covered by your health policy
  • Patients would need to undergo regular mammograms to monitor chances of developing breast cancer in future
  • The result of the procedure is limited only to one cup size improvement
  • Patients with family history of breast cancer aren’t regarded ideal for such procedure

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