Newcastle Clinic

Our Clinic for Liposuction in Newcastle

Established at the heart of the medical centre, the Newcastle NuBodySculpting offers a wide range of services pertaining to beauty and cosmetics. As more people become aware of their appearance, more people opt for the beauty treatments that will rejuvenate the skin and lend a sparkling glow. With the customized treatment at the NuBodySculpting, the doctors diagnose the skin to offer only the best treatments to the patients. For people with acute weight issues we bring body contouring or body sculpting therapies to remove fat. Our body sculpting therapies are designed for both men and women. We have with us latest body sculpting treatments that help to get rid of the excessive fat.

This Grainger Park Road Clinic comes with free car parking services along with a host of treatment facilities for the patients. Well connected to other parts of the city, the clinic ensures to impart the best treatment to its patients.