Vaser FAQ

Whenever a liposuction is being conducted, the results depend on the machine, the patient and the doctor who is operating the machine. This means that the advanced technology being employed is an important factor in conducting the cosmetic surgeries, as it is not only safe but also fast and more effective. This means that any surgeon manning such machines will be successful, however, in case of large volume liposuction, for high-definition liposuction and for liposuction in the difficult areas of the body, the VASER liposuction remains the best bet as it offers precise results.

During any cosmetic and beauty procedure, care is taken that the scarring and side effects are kept to the minimal. During the Vaser Lipo procedure, first micro incisions of about 3mm are made in the area. Then an anaesthetic is infused within it and once it starts showing its effect, the doctor inserts thin ultrasonic treatments that further affect the fat layer. The micro vibrations of the machine emulsify the fat and this process takes about 15-20 minutes in each of the area. The emulsified fat either is then taken out or is suctioned out. The process does the minimal damage to the connective tissues and blood vessels, however, it may result in bruising and post procedure discomfort. When comparing this to the traditional liposuction methods, the old process barely scraped the fat and since it used a 3.6 mm metal cannula, it always left a visible scar, internal bleeding, loose skin and subcutaneous hollows.

The process, Vaso Lipo, can be used to improve any pockets of fat that appears ugly or is resistant to diet and exercise regimens. This will also include the areas that the traditional Liposuction methods cannot treat such as inner thighs, neck, jawline, backs of the arms and upper parts of the abdomen. Since the procedure is minimally invasive, less traumatic and does not do any harm to the delicate nerves and blood vessels surrounding it, the patient too recovers faster.

Once the process is complete, the areas are then accentuated with superficial liposuction process that makes deeper grooves in the underlying tissues resulting in a muscular body. Sometimes the process not only emulsifies fat but also deposits additional fat cells to create more volume wherever it is needed enabling the doctor to sculpt the target area and create an athletic appearance. This is specially done in the abdomen area and imparts a six pack to the patient. Once the emulsification and sculpting is complete, the incisions are closed and the patient is moved away to the recovery section. The patient can expect a beautiful sculpted muscular body after the process.

Most of patients can return to their normal lives, within 7-10 days after the procedure. Within 2 weeks, a moderate exercise regimen is included and all strenuous activity is delayed for one month at least. Sometimes the patient may feel pain or discomfort in the area and there are doctors who will prescribe pain medications to keep it under control. Furthermore, compression garments are used to ensure that all treated tissues have a proper support.

Daily thousands of cosmetic procedures are being conducted without any risk to the patient, however, since it is a surgical process, it does involve some bruising, infection, scarring and swelling and even negative reactions to anaesthesia.

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