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Vaser 4D Procedure

Vaser technique allows doctors to treat patients to remove unwanted fat from body to help them get fitter and athletic physique.  It helps getting six packs in men and perfect hour-glass for women. The procedure, although, is most modern has certain limitations.

First and foremost is that in some patients the effect seems obvious that body sculpting is performed. To reduce the artificial effect, a newer form of Vaser surgery is performed which is called Vaser 4d sculpting.  

The process adds a 4th dimension to 3D sculpting making it more natural looking.

More about Vaser Hi-Def 4D

Body sculpting isn’t a new domain and has been around for quite sometimes now. The process was made popular by Dr Alfredo Hoyos from Columbia. It is the most advanced form of liposuction, which is the most widely performed cosmetic surgery to help patients get rid of unwanted and stubborn fat from certain body areas and get leaner and firmer body.

Vaser Hi-Def body sculpting is more advanced form of liposuction where both superficial and deep tissue fats from body is removed to highlight more muscular features.

Vaser is performed on certain areas of body and also full Hi-Def. Full Hi-Def is performed under sedation with use of anaesthesia. Before the procedure is performed, feasibility of the procedure is measured and appropriate solutions are recommended. Normally it isn’t advised for patients with severe muscle and skin laxity.

4D body sculpting is only performed by medical professionals, who are certified by Vaser institute for performing the surgery. If you are looking for 4D body sculpting solution you are advised to contact only certified institutes. In the UK, NuBodySculpting is one of the few Vaser certified clinics allowed to perform Vaser Hi-Def surgeries with full authority. Furthermore, we also adhere to the rules and guidelines set by the local authority to perform aesthetic surgeries. Over the last decade we have successfully treated more than 2000 patients.

NuBodySculpting is the most trusted name in the domain of cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries. The clinic was established by a group of modern and talented cosmetic surgeons who were determined to bring most advanced cosmetic surgery solutions within the reach of larger population.

As a result, affordability of the treatment remains one of the major USPs of NuBodySculpting. Keeping the budget of most of our patients in mind, we offer easy financing solutions and easy repayment plans.

Our wide range of cosmetic solutions includes the most modern treatment. The latest inclusion is 4D body contouring. We perform both full Hi-Def and Mid-Def procedures. Each patient is given comprehensive consultation before, during and after the procedure is done. We take care that patient suffer as little pain as possible and also help them with regular monitoring to speed up the recovery process.

Our, trained team of medical professionals perform surgeries in our state-of-art clinics located in thirteen different locations across UK.

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