Vaser Lipo

´The results speak for themselves. I love the compliments I am receiving!´

Lucy is a 22 year old woman from the North West of England. Several months ago, she underwent 4D Vaser with Nu Cosmetic clinic at their Liverpool branch.“I had severe health issues and I was desperately unhappy. Because of a medical condition, my stomach area was constantly bloated and however hard I tried, I could not lose any weight. This condition was dramatically affecting me as a person; I was losing the fight, along with my confidence and social life.”

Until this point, Lucy had tried every diet plan and weight loss option known to her. “All the feedback and testimonials that I saw for the clinic had excellent recommendations. My thoughts were reaffirmed when I met with the consultant surgeon. He was extremely professional and sympathetic towards me. Initially, I thought I would have needed some extensive form of lipo sculpture, but he assured me that a localised treatment on my stomach area would give me the results I desired.”

Lucy was also impressed by the fact she was not “pushed into procedures which were not needed” which helped to minimise any associated stress that she may have felt with the lipo sculpture.

The Vaser treatment was completed on the same day at the Liverpool clinic. Twenty two litres of liquid fat were successfully extracted from Lucy´s stomach area giving her the frame she desired. The down time for this type of procedure can normally be anything from several hours to several weeks. As Lucy´s case was quite severe, the after care package put in place by Nu Cosmetic required her to wear an elasticated stomach dressing and to simply take some time out to recover. Lucy had been through a challenging time both mentally and physically. “For me, from start to finish, the service has been excellent. The best part of the experience for me was the friendly attitude and professionalism of the staff. They looked more pleased than I did with my results.”

Lucy’s testimonial brings to light how accurate diagnosis and concise plan of treatment from a respectable clinic can literally change your life.

Watch Lucy’s Testimonial Here.