Gynecomastia FAQ

Gynecomastia is the medical term for what is commonly known as male breast. It is a condition where breast tissues and glandular nodes develop in male body. Development of glandular nodes may feel hard at touch.  It is normally caused by hormonal disorder, especially Estrogen, which is a female hormone.

The condition is more common than most of us think. The condition can develop at birth; puberty; adolescence or old age as at these stages hormonal balance in body changes. It is mainly caused by hormonal disorder, i.e. excess of female hormone Estrogen, which is responsible for defining female characteristics, in male body.

Androgens and Estrogen are respectively male and female hormone, also known as steroid hormones, responsible for developing male and female characteristics. If a male body produces more Estrogen than normal then it may develop conditions like Gynecomastia, which is development of breast tissues and/or glandular nodes in male body.

Gynecomastia is presence of glandular tissue and fat tissue. It can be asymmetric, i.e. uneven development of breasts or bilateral gynecomastia, when both the breasts develop. Mainly during the adolescent period or puberty the condition can develop as during this period a lot of changes happen at hormone level.
If you have developed such condition, you may immediately seek medical help. Only after diagnosis, which may include USG, X-ray and MRI, doctors will be able to tell you about the right treatment procedure.

There is another condition known to medical practitioners as pseudo Gynecomastia, which is accumulation of fat cells in chest. Fat can accumulate in chest as a normal process like it gathers in other parts of body. It is often a condition seen in overweight or obese individuals.  These fat cells can be removed using assisted liposuction process, such as Vaser liposuction.

The doctor will test to understand the actual nature of the issues, i.e. whether it is presence of actual breasts tissues or accumulated fat. Accordingly, treatment method will be determined. Both chest fat and Gynecomastia can be treated with cosmetic surgery procedure.

Yes, it can be treated. Cosmetic surgery procedure has evolved significantly over the years and now the most advanced techniques are used in treating similar conditions and that too at affordable rate.

What is the most common treatment for pseudo Gynecomastia?

Pseudo Gynecomastia, which is actually accumulation of fat cells in chest, can be treated with liposuction. In NuBoduSculpting we perform Vaser liposuction procedure, which is the third generation of liposuction treatment. Currently there are only few institutions in UK which can perform Vaser liposuction with authority and NuBodySculpting is one of them. We are one of the most revered and trusted names with a proven track record of more than ten years and thirteen clinics across UK.

For patients treated with Vaser technique recovery period is shorter. Normally, patient can go back to their home right after the surgery and return to daily life, i.e. join their job or resume fitness regimen in a week’s time. Vaser liposuction is performed under local sedation and hence, patient can avoid the consequences of general anaesthesia. However, patients treated for Gynecomastia are recommended a night’s stay at hospital after the surgery.

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