fattransferbreastsA fat transfer procedure is a simple procedure in which fat is transferred from one part of the body to the other. It’s also known as a fat graft and is when fat is taken from areas that have too much fat, typically your thighs, and put in places where you feel you need a bit of a lift such as your breasts and buttocks.

People in major cities in the UK such as London, Birmingham and Liverpool are opting for fat transfer procedures. A “fat graft” is very safe and creates a very natural change in appearance unlike breast augmentation where it’s very obvious a procedure has been done a lot of the time. It’s a type of surgery performed upon thousands of people every year who each report being happy with the results.

A fat graft is something you should consider having done if you feel that you have parts of your face, or anywhere on your body, that feel sunken or hollow. You should also consider the surgery if you want something that will last a lot longer than just a regular augmentation, which should be considered a temporary fix. Fat transfers can also alter your body shape and give you a body you’re happier with if you have body issues.

A happy body builds self confidence

The main benefit of a fat graft would be that the augmentation is much more permanent. There are temporary solutions to do things like fill out your face and butt, but using actual fat from your body is a much better way to go about it. It’s also a lot safer than a typical augmentation. Rather than injecting chemicals or other substances in your body you are just taking fat from one part of your body to another. It doesn’t get much more natural than your own body fat. That is the other benefit; it’s completely natural. It looks more natural and realistic too and is a completely safe procedure.

Proven results with happy customers

boobjobfattransferThe biggest advantage of a fat graft is that, essentially, it’s liposuction and augmentation all in one. If you feel a part of your body is lacking and another part has too much then you can just have the fat moved. Instead of one part of your body looking better two parts do. It does a very good job of filling in the contours of your body giving you smoother looking skin which is a great help with things like anti-aging. It has advantages over regular breast implants too. If you have breast implants then typically your breasts look unnatural and it’s obvious a lot of the time you’ve had work done.

A fat graft enhances your breasts in ways that look completely natural and keeps your breasts looking natural as a result. If you have had breast augmentation then you should consider also having a fat graft to hide the obvious signs of breast implants. It can even be used to make your breasts smaller, provided that the reason they’re big is fat, by taking fat out of the breasts and putting it somewhere you’d prefer to look bigger. If you want a bigger butt or bust, and smaller thighs or stomach, then a fat graft is a much better choice than something like liposuction or breast augmentation.

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