tummytuckliverpoolAbdominoplasty, aka the tummy tuck is a surgical procedure known for producing amazing results when talking about shaping, or contouring the body. The result of this operation is a flatter stomach with a more smooth defined image.

One of the most popular choices for women in Liverpool is post-birth tummy tucks. There are many variations of tummy tuck operations including combining it with liposuction and even stomach muscle tightening during the procedure. Many years ago before the invention of liposuction, a tummy tuck was the only way to remove fat from the stomach surgically. However, through science, research and technology the possibilities are endless, hence the increase in popularity.

If you are considering a tummy tuck, it is very important that you discuss in depth with a qualified surgeon exactly what the procedure involves and the end results you will see. This is mainly because each procedure differs from person to person depending on their goals and body type / size.

Say goodbye to excess belly skin

A tummy tuck alone does not produce the results of stomach liposuction, and vice versa. Lipo of the belly can remove fat found under the skin and above the stomach muscles. If patients have good stomach muscle tone, lipo can improve the look and definition tenfold, and give a more natural look. The reason why a tummy tuck op and lipo go hand in hand is that if a woman has recently lost weight but still fat remains on the belly, she might find that there is excess skin in this region as well as a disproportionate gut. This procedure can deal with the excess skin, whereas the lipo can remove the remaining fat.

A flatter stomach after childbirth

postpregnancytummytuckThere are many advantages to having a tummy tuck including removal of saggy skin on the belly, high levels of lower stomach skin laxity, removal stretch marks from weight loss or childbirth. Having a tummy tuck will remove the problematic skin to produce a flatter stomach. Patients are often reminded or questioned how long they have had the excess skin as it does tend to stretch and contract over time.

This type of procedure is one of the most rewarding to both surgeon and patient. The results that are produced as seen instantly and after recovery the female is often much happier at both personal and public image, such as the ability to wear a bikini again, or not be ashamed of viewing public photos on social media. It has also been noted that this type of surgery can improve posture due to spinal support being improved from their new image.

Why some people opt for a tummy tuck:

” Had my 5th baby over 4 years ago. All natural but extra skin and stretch marks. I exercise 5 days a week and am really strong just can’t get rid of the skin.”

” My goal is to have a very flat tummy that I haven’t seen since high school and before kids. “

What people say about tummy tucks:

” Took a photo of my belly close up after the op. Loving it already. “

” Having less weight around my mid section relieves my back strain. “

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