Man boobs or gynecomastia – the medical term – can be a very troubling issue for every man. Gynecomastia is when the chest area is visibly enlarged, causing it to look like woman breasts. This may cause great stress and leave men feeling self-conscious about themselves. Many men work out daily to try and reduce the excess fat deposits on their chest, but sometimes, that is not enough. Although it looks like the end of the world, don’t be troubled, modern cosmetic surgery has solutions for this problem. Here are some things that can help you deal with this problem.

Why It Happens?

Man Boos TreatmentThere are several reasons why gynecomastia can happen to men in UK; some of them experience it during their teenage days, and some in their adulthood. Breast enlargement can happen in puberty, when hormone levels are changing, and that can sometimes resolve itself, as soon as hormone levels settle down.

Adults can also get enlarged breasts because, as they age, men lose testosterone and can gain weight. That can lead to enlarged glands in their breasts. Having extra weight adds fat tissue under the breasts which produces estrogen and that may enlarge the breasts even more.

Gynecomastia can be caused by certain medications such as steroids, heart drugs, prostate drugs and several others. Sometimes alcohol and marijuana abuse can also take part in gynecomastia, and sometimes it is just genes. It is not always clear what causes man boobs, so it is wise to pay a visit to your endocrinologist. Just to make sure what the cause is, so that you know what treatment can be applied.

How Can Man Boobs Be Treated?

How Can Man Boobs Be Treated?Once the cause is found, the treatment can begin. If maybe some other health condition is causing your man boobs, try treating that condition – it might help. If you are overweight, and that is causing your enlarged breasts, the first step you need to take is losing some weight, which can also be good for your health.

Losing a lot of weight may not reduce your breasts mainly because of the skin that will stretch out, so the perfect solution for that is cosmetic surgery. If everything you tried cannot remove those excess fat deposits, liposuction is an ideal solution to treat that area.

The procedure is really simple and not invasive. First, the tumescent anesthesia is administered onto the chest to numb that whole region – the patient is awake during the surgery. Then, a small tube is used to suction all the excess fat, and the results can be seen immediately. If you follow the instructions your surgeon gives you, the recovery will be quick – the minimal downtime is 48 hours.

You no longer have to live with this issue. Liposuction has certain benefits, the results are visible and instant and you are up on your feet in no time. Another great thing about liposuction is that you don’t have to repeat the treatment, because fat cells are going to be removed permanently.

Effective Solution from Man BoobsWhen you finally get your breast reduced, it can open up so many doors for you. You will feel more confident and you will no longer have to hide under baggy clothes. You can freely work out at the gym, jog without your shirt and be confident on the dating scene. It will make you feel hot and satisfied in your own skin.

Not only will you feel great, you will also look great. With liposuction, you can even fix any other things that have been bothering you, like sagginess, puffy nipples or other visible fat in that area. That will surely have a great impact on your masculinity. So, if you have been feeling bad about the way you look, there is no need for that anymore – consult with your surgeon and make the first step towards living a fulfilling and satisfying life. 

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