After years of deliberations and seeing the results from my patients at Nu i decided to take the plunge myself. I was fully consulted for the associated risks & complications by the surgeon and was explained what can be done to improve the areas where i was struggling with stubborn fat. I have been dieting for years apart from going to swimming and doing some mild exercise.

My husband was dead against it however i manage to convince him that it will be a good thing.

On the day of the surgery i was again consented by the Nu’s doctors and explained and a plan created to be followed in the theatre. It took couple of hours and i can see fat being sucked away from my body under local anathesia. It was little bit of discomfort and was told that i might see some leakage from the incision site. I was asked to wear the compression garments and was also suggested to have some message.

After few months i can see the difference myself. Thanks Nu