vaserliposuctiontreatmentsVaser liposuction is the perfect way to transform your body and breathe new life in to your shape.

It is estimated that over 5000 Vaser liposuction procedures are carried out in every city in the UK by qualified and registered clinics.

The reason why this procedure has risen in popularity over the last few years is due to the fact it is so minimally invasive to your body. Each treatment is tailored to your exact goals and needs and can be carried out on a number of places from head to toe.

A qualified surgeon is able to give you complete peace of mind and full attention on a personal level to understand who you are and what results you wish to achieve.

Vaser lipo is a very subtle yet revolutionary way to have maximum impact on how you look and in turn how you feel. Fat can be removed in this body contouring procedure that can produce results incomparable to that of a strict diet or health plan including exercise.

One main advantage of Vaser treatments is that it can be so specific you can choose exactly what you want, when you want it. And compared with traditional methods of lipo, Vaser offers an avenue for patients that was unthinkable 10+ years ago.

The technology involved in Vaser breaks down fat cells which can be removed from the body in a break-down-suction method, and it can be used by males as well as males. Although figures show that in the UK more women tend to undergo this treatment more often than men. This is partly due to the flexibility of the treatment and the ability to work on practically any part of the body. Women are deemed to be more self conscious and unhappy with more body parts than men. For example an average female may dislike her legs, arms and midriff, whereas a man may only dislike the way his upper chest looks.

Vaser gives a completely natural look

vaserlipo-londonAnother noticeable benefit of this treatment when it comes to the science aspect is that Vaser only targets fat cells in question. Meaning all other surrounding cells and tissues are left undamaged which in turn quickens recovery and allows you to go about your daily life much quicker. In a recent survey, Vaser was found to be way ahead of other treatments when it came to body definition and the ability to sculpt your body without being invasive.

Common areas for Vaser liposuction include chin, breast area, stomach, upper legs, upper arms and buttocks. The treatment is also available and effective on other body part areas, but these are the most problematic when it comes to stubborn fat that are difficult to get rid of no matter how active you are or how much you diet.

For amazing all-round body results it’s no wonder why Vaser is now one of the most popular treatments up and down the country including in our clinics in London, right up to Manchester and Liverpool. Being minimally invasive means that only a small probe is required to blast the fat cells combined with a small suction process that practically goes unnoticed to others including friends and family.

So if you are looking for a body transformation from a procedure that produces subtle and natural looking results, talk to a professional today who can tailor a package that suits your goals.

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