UK men are distressed by man boobs

Gynaecomastia also known as man boobs is an enlarging of the breasts in males and is one of the main causes for stress in people who suffer the condition. This condition is very common and leaves men all over the country feeling ashamed to take their shirts off in public such as on a beach [...]

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Liposuction you can trust – anywhere in the UK from Liverpool to London

Across the UK, liposuction is perhaps the most well known cosmetic surgery, (along with breast augmentation) in cities nationwide including Liverpool, Manchester, London and Nottingham being amongst the most popular. Liposuction is the process wherein a cosmetic surgeon makes an incision, typically in the stomach area, and removes the fat from your stomach before tightening [...]

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Tummy Tucks on the rise in Liverpool and the North West

Abdominoplasty, aka the tummy tuck is a surgical procedure known for producing amazing results when talking about shaping, or contouring the body. The result of this operation is a flatter stomach with a more smooth defined image. One of the most popular choices for women in Liverpool is post-birth tummy tucks. There are many variations [...]

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UK clinics specialising in fat transfer procedures

A fat transfer procedure is a simple procedure in which fat is transferred from one part of the body to the other. It’s also known as a fat graft and is when fat is taken from areas that have too much fat, typically your thighs, and put in places where you feel you need a [...]

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Our Clinics in Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield & Preston offer cellulite removal

Cellulite removal is a cosmetic procedure where cellulite is removed from the body. Cellulite is the thing that makes you look flabby and is also considered a major sign of ageing. There are some tried and true methods to remove cellulite and get a much better looking body but straight up cellulite removal might be [...]

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People in UK are opting for Vaser Liposuction over traditional methods

VASER liposuction is a kind of liposuction that uses a much less intrusive procedure than regular liposuction. It’s a process that removes fat and helps contour your body correctly to give you the figure that you want. VASER lipo is often more effective than regular liposuction and gives you results that no amount of diet [...]

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Tried diet & exercise! Is only solution left is Liposuction?

Answers from Dr Vlok , Nu Body Sculpting There are number of fat removal treatment in the market which are promoted as body contouring and alternative to liposuction. However these treatment don’t involve surgical intervention and don’t give dramatic and eye catching results which can be achieved with liposuction. Liposuction or popularly called as lipoplasty or [...]

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Male Chest Fat Removal Can Restore Your Confidence

A significant percentage of men suffer from gynaecomastia. If you haven’t previously heard that term, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the slang version, which is man boobs. Although there’s no shortage of jokes floating around about man boobs, for men who suffer from this condition, the impact can be crippling. One of the worst [...]

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Vaser Liposuction vs. Traditional Liposuction – The Differences You Need to Know About

If you’ve been looking into the possibility of having liposuction done, there’s a good chance that you’ve come across the term Vaser. Prior to committing to your decision to have liposuction, it’s important to understand that while Vaser is a form of liposuction, it’s not the same procedure as traditional liposuction. As you’ll learn in [...]

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Body Fat Transfer: Questions, Answers & Considerations

The simplest definition of a fat transfer is it's a medical procedure that involves transferring excess fat from one area of the body to another area that's lacking in definition. Also commonly referred to as a fat injection or fat grafting, the outer thighs are one of the most common sites for getting the excess [...]

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