ukmanboobsGynaecomastia also known as man boobs is an enlarging of the breasts in males and is one of the main causes for stress in people who suffer the condition.

This condition is very common and leaves men all over the country feeling ashamed to take their shirts off in public such as on a beach or by the swimming pool. It affects as many as 30-50% of healthy males and can be painful or painless in different individuals.

Treatment often depends on the cause of the condition and different options should be discussed with a professional to not only better understand the condition, but also to work out a plan that is tailored to you as an individual. Treatments include radiation, surgery and medical therapy with the use of a combination of liposuction bringing one of the most successful methods to remove “man boobs”.

The biggest age group of people who suffer gynaecomastia is men over 50, but it is also reported as a problem to males over 20 years of age. As well as appearance and self loathe due to this condition, breast cancer is also a worry as it can be linked to this condition. Although only 1% of cases have been detected as cancerous.

One of the reasons why older men suffer with this condition is partly down to lifestyle but also because of low testosterone levels. Some may also have higher oestrogen levels than others which in turn causes the same enlarging of the breasts.

“Man boobs are a nightmare in public”

malebreastsurgeryafterWhen a man says he has man boobs, it is not always the case that the condition is present. Such complaints can often be rectified with a change in lifestyle including healthy eating and exercise. However, when lifestyle fails to work, individuals can test for this condition by pinching their breasts using the forefinger and thumb. If present a clear disc of tissue can be felt under the skin. Patients are sometimes referred for a scan at the hospital to confirm.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from man boobs, then you can rest assured that most cases are benign and if left, will cause absolutely no harm to your health and life, other than feeling embarrassed or distressed. But for some men, this is sometimes enough to want to get rid of their man boobs and look more leaner and toned. The answer to this can be liposuction.

Breast reduction surgery is more common than you think, and liposuction is one of the most successful methods for completely overhauling how the body thinks and the effect it has on the mind where man boobs are concerned.

Common complaints of this condition that have been dealt with by cosmetic procedures include puffy nipples, boob like lumps that stick out of your shirt causing embarrassment and fat chest but skinny body. Men often don’t have to be ‘vein’ in order to want to rectify their man boobs, and it is often the case that they will have given up on other methods of trying such as joining the gym.

Eliminate the embarrassment for good

When it comes to having your breasts reduced in size, there is no need to be embarrassed of a treatment that can cure long term embarrassment. More men are now opting for this treatment than ever before and men that once complained of a lump-like feeling behind their nipples or a fatty chest are happier than ever.

So if you are looking to completely change your upper body shape and finally rid yourself of the demon that has been holding you back for years, talk to a qualified professional today and see how your day to day life really can be transformed in just a couple of hours.

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