More and more people today are subjecting themselves to liposuction, the majority of which choose it because of the confidence boost they feel they need, while some people decide to do it for health reasons. The latter are those who are overweight, because of which their health is at risk. If you belong to any of these groups of people and have decided to try liposuction yourself, there are certain things you need to know about it first and we will provide you with all the answers you need.

What Is Liposuction?

Close up of a measuring tape around slim beautiful waist.Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery which includes the removal of excess fat between the skin and muscle with the use of a small stainless steel tube connected to a powerful suction pump. The surgeon makes small incisions in the skin through which the pump is inserted into the fat. By removing the fat, this surgical technique improves the body’s contour. The main advantage of liposuction is, of course, weight loss. You can get the body you have always wanted and, more importantly, it is a very safe procedure.

Which Body Areas Can You Treat?

The body areas that can be treated with liposuction are different for men and women. The body areas that women most frequently treat include breasts, neck, cheeks, thighs, knees, arms, and abdomen. The body areas most frequently treated for men include abdomen, neck, breasts, chin, and flanks. When you decide on the area you want to be treated, do thorough research on how exactly the surgeon will do the whole procedure. Discuss the aspects of the whole procedure with your chosen doctor, about the selected body area you want treated. It is important to know exactly everything that is going to be done in the OR, so that you are prepared in advance.

What Is the Safest Liposuction Surgical Technique?

The safest surgical liposuction technique is tumescent liposuction, which uses large volumes of local anesthesia that makes the injected areas more swollen and firm. There is also modified tumescent liposuction, which includes a mix of different types of tumescent local anesthesia, together with some form of systemic anesthesia, such as IV sedation and general anesthesia. However, those types of systemic anesthesia can be dangerous, so they must be administered by the anesthesiologist. There are a lot more surgical techniques for liposuction, but the tumescent one is considered the safest. However, you need to discuss this and any other technique with your doctor. Never make a choice about a certain technique on your own before you consult with your doctor.

What about the Risks?

You must understand the risks of liposuction before subjecting yourself to surgery. If you are considering excessive liposuction, you must think about safety first. That kind of liposuction is extremely dangerous and can cause a number of serious complications. Another thing which is very dangerous is long exposure to anesthesia, so do not consider having multiple corrections on the same day. Cosmetic surgery is not an emergency surgery. It is better to subdivide the procedures and have several in separate days than to do everything at once and risk complications.

What Are the Methods of Post-Op?

Portrait of a doctor with two of her co-workers talking with a patient in the backgroundIf you have definitely decided to have a liposuction, you absolutely must know everything there is to know about it and you need to discuss it with your surgeon. You must know all about the risks and the possible complications, as well as which anesthesia is best for you. Some types of anesthesia can be extremely dangerous, so you need to do thorough research about it. Again, discuss everything with your doctor so that you can gather all the information you need to be able to make a reasonable decision about liposuction. Have as many consultations as you need; just do not feel pressured to make a decision that you will may regret later.

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