Liposuction after Pregnancy: Should you do it?

Having a child is one of the most fulfilling experiences for many women. The birth of a child brings joy not only to the mother but to all those people around her. Giving birth is certainly not an easy job, and the body of a woman goes through some dramatic changes, which leaves them feeling [...]

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Neck liposuction procedures rise in popularity

Neck liposuction is a kind of liposuction where fat is drained from the neck. You might be familiar with the word liposuction and associate it with stomach fat. It is a procedure that can be done to a number of different areas of the body and this includes the neck. The process itself is pretty [...]

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UK men are distressed by man boobs

Gynaecomastia also known as man boobs is an enlarging of the breasts in males and is one of the main causes for stress in people who suffer the condition. This condition is very common and leaves men all over the country feeling ashamed to take their shirts off in public such as on a beach [...]

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Liposuction you can trust – anywhere in the UK from Liverpool to London

Across the UK, liposuction is perhaps the most well known cosmetic surgery, (along with breast augmentation) in cities nationwide including Liverpool, Manchester, London and Nottingham being amongst the most popular. Liposuction is the process wherein a cosmetic surgeon makes an incision, typically in the stomach area, and removes the fat from your stomach before tightening [...]

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People in UK are opting for Vaser Liposuction over traditional methods

VASER liposuction is a kind of liposuction that uses a much less intrusive procedure than regular liposuction. It’s a process that removes fat and helps contour your body correctly to give you the figure that you want. VASER lipo is often more effective than regular liposuction and gives you results that no amount of diet [...]

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